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2016 Evaluation of the educational concept "Life Champion"
2015 Evaluation of Outplacement Foundations of the Vienna Employee Promotion Fund (WAFF)
 Evaluation of the Programme "Fruits Go to School" in Viennese Compulsory Schools
2014 Evaluation of the implementation of fit2work
 Optimized assistance for mentally stressed persons in the scope of the AMS Burgenland
2013 Migrant women: information – activation – integration
2011 Evaluation of German and Alphabetization Courses of the Public Employment Service Vienna
 Evaluation of the qualification measure beat&win
 Process Evaluation of the Health Promotion Project
2009 Evaluation of the „Service Work and Health – Counselling Service for Vocational Prevention”
 Evaluation of the BGF-health project “Xund für’s Leben” of the ÖBB-Traktion GmbH (business unit Traction of the Austrian Federal Railways)
 Evaluiation of the qualification consulting in Lower Austria
 Profiling of Customers of the PES (Public Employment Service): Evaluation of the pilot phase
2007 Acceptance Analysis for an advanced training course for midwifes and medical-technical assistants at the FH-Joanneum
 Evaluation of hiphopera
 Feedbacks on Leonardo Outputs and Works
2006 Demand and Acceptance Analysis for the Master Studies in Webpublishing und Digital Communication
 Demand and Acceptance Analysis on the University of Applied Sciences Programme "Caremanagement"
 Evaluation of the Common Initiative EQUAL Austria- 2000-2006
 Evaluation of UNIUN - University Graduates become Entrepreneurs 2006/2007
2005 Evaluation of the mobile counselling services
 Need and acceptance analysis for a specialized higher education course
 Sequence-evaluation of the pilot project "Grätzelmanagement"
2004 Evaluation of the Publication "The Future of Further Training"
 Measures for young people with special needs - evaluation, analysis, future perspectives
2003 Evaluation of the Pilot Project "Grätzelmanagement" in the 2nd and 20th District
2002 Evaluating the labour market political measure „Needles or Pins“
 Evaluation of the Language Workshop at the Brigittenauer Gymnasium I+II
 Evaluation of the w@lz - Vienna Training Centre and Reflections on a Reform of the Regular School System
2001 Counselling and evaluation of the Vienna Youth Red Cross (WJRK)
 Evaluation of Different Employment and Training Schemes
 ILSS Feasibility Study
2000 Evaluation of the Social Enterprise Pa-Re
 Needs and acceptance study for a college of higher education for social work
 Evaluation of Rehabilitation Measures by the Public Employment Service of Carinthia