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2016 Professionalization of Animal Assisted Therapy
2015 EU.EM.NET - European systematic approach for employers’ engagement to anticipate skills requirements and support quality assurance (QA) in VET
 Family-career-compass: Efficient approaches of vocational counseling to support parents in guiding their childs career (FAMICO)
2013 Determining skills and competence – the new method of competence balance
 Webinar2learn - Video conference use for adult learning
2011 GuideMe! Quality Measures for Guidance of Job-Seekers in Group Settings
 VIRTUAL GUIDANCE - Developing and Delivering Innovative ICT Vocational Guidance Services
2008 e-TIMES - Training the Intermediary Management in European Social Institutions
 The Development of Strategical Individual Competencies in the Context of European Integration
2007 QUINORA – International quality assurance programme in vocational orientation and guidance measures for job seekers on the system level
2005 Right Person in the Right Job - Train the Trainers in the Field of Career Guidance
 SOCIMMA - Social integration of immigrants increasing their intercultural knowledge through e-learning environment
 The training methodology of European cross-cultural business values
2004 Mobility project "The Examination of the vocational training in Europe and its implementation in Turkey"
2003 Participation of migrants in training offers